(On behalf of Claude Cohen-Matlofsky)

A Halakhic Concordance in the DSS, Philo, Flavius Josephus and the New Testament (and more broadly the Second Temple Sources)

Call for Papers

Conveners: Claude Cohen-Matlofsky and Arnaud Sérandour

17-18 July, 2019 Jerusalem, Israel

The goal of this research project is the production of a text-critical multiple volumes corpus of comparative Halakhah based on all currently available Second Temple sources. The purpose is to show both the concordance and discordance in the observance of Halakhah and the discussions in process for Halakhah in Second Temple period sources; in other words: the « Halakhah in the making ». Please note that we intend to leave aside the rabbinic literature for purpose of methodology.
Furthermore, the use of the terms « Halakhah » and « halakhic » for the project will be discussed in introduction of the corpus.

Presenters will have ample time to present their work, followed by a generous period for discussion with other symposium participants, including Eyal Regev, Tal Ilan, Vered Noam.

We invite paper proposals from scholars, advanced doctoral students, recent PhDs, and postdocs, whose work addresses the questions of our symposium. Proposals of 1,000–2,000 words, based on projects that are well under way, should be sent to Claude Cohen-Matlofsky (claudematlofsky|at|hotmail.com).