This survey is designed by the Society of Biblical Literature International Meeting (ISBL) program unit “Qumran and Dead Sea Scrolls” (Matthew Goff, Jutta Jokiranta, Shani Tzoref) in cooperation with members of the “Working with Cultural Objects and Manuscripts” research group at the University of Helsinki (Rick Bonnie, Suzie Thomas). The survey is addressed to scholars and students working with or interested in Qumran texts and objects. It aims to collect data about views and knowledge related to global antiquities trade, and clarify scholars’ role in this trade and ethical questions involved with it.

The survey is voluntary and anonymous and the information will not be used to connect answers to any individual person.

The results will be presented at the SBL International Meeting in Helsinki 31 July 2018 and, possibly, used for the publication of a research article.

The survey will take about 5 to 10 minutes and it has four sections. The questions with * need to be answered in order to proceed. We appreciate your participation.