(courtesy of Jutta Jokiranta)

Call For Papers:

The Qumran and Dead Sea Scrolls unit welcomes papers for four separate sessions

1) The first session is on Ethics and Policies regarding Unprovenanced Materials. This session continues the conversation begun in ISBL Berlin 2017 sessions on the “Tracing and Facing the Possibility of Forgeries.” The current focus moves from identification of forgeries towards Ethics and Policies in the academic community and beyond, participating in wider discussions concerning heritage management, measures to stop illicit trade, and cooperation needed in the academia for a sustainable future. The session is partly invited (in collaboration with the WCOM [Working with Cultural Objects and Manuscripts] project) and partly open.

2) The second session is a joint session with Ritual in the Biblical World unit. It welcomes papers exploring ritual experience that relates to the Dead Sea Scrolls/the Qumran movement or other relevant late Second Temple evidence, with a special focus on festival landscapes, festival time, habitus and ritual innovation in interaction with ritual theory.

3) The third session is a joint session with Digital Humanities unit. It invites proposals on ongoing research projects that produce new digital/online editions of the Dead Sea Scrolls or make use of digital tools in studying the scrolls and presenting the data.

4) The fourth session is open, and welcomes proposals on any relevant topic with a clear abstract stating the task or question, sources, and methods or theoretical framework.

Program Unit Chairs
Jutta Jokiranta
Matthew Goff

Further information can be found here.